Flash : The most underrated superhero

Flash may be popular to an extent and is a superhero who is liked by many. But nobody really considers him to be very powerful and to be as powerful as superman , hulk and other favourites. Many people have donned the cape known as The Flash I am going to write about the modern day one in Wally West. The biggest misconception is that Flash is just the fastest man in the world but he also has various other powers which manages to break certain laws of physics . He may play a dumb witted role in the Justice League cartoon but in reality he is extremely powerful.
Flash 1

Powers :

  • He can decelerate aging , which is why the loved ones of flash gain  eternal youth.
  • He can share his speed force so that other people can gain his speed and run along with him.
  • He is able to steal speed from other objects and even people thereby turning them into living statues. His ability is so powerful that he was even able to take the speed of superman.
  • His body is protected by a speed force aura hence protecting him from  friction and even from injuries inflicted by punches from enemies,
  • He can deliver an infinite mass punch which could hit with a force greater than that of a white dwarf star. With this ability he can punch and knock down even powerful opponents like superman.
  • He can traverse time and dimension with his abilities thereby able to travel backward and forward in time . In order to do this he must travel faster than the speed of light which he can easily and instantly do.
  • He could heal from any injury by using his ability of regeneration.
  • He can fly by spinning fast like a helicopter .
  • He can read and acquire knowledge at a hyper extended rate .
Powerful Flash

His weakness : To know that you must catch him which is nearly impossible!!!!


Rohit Mathew Binu

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