By Joelle Anne 

how they brought back sherlock

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most exciting characters ever made, with his books bringing us to the edge of our seat and leaving us wanting more. And I'll have to admit the makers of Sherlock series couldn't have brought him out better into the 21st century...                                  

                          Shown from Dr.John Watson's point of view, he finds Sherlock Holmes' skills nothing short of amazing and his relationship with his brother Mycroft amusing. Each season shows the depth of John's and Sherlock's friendship and their adventures.Benedict Cumberbatch has played Sherlock's role exceptionally well, well enough for any person who sees the series, to fall in love with Sherlock.

Having brought every main character back from the original Sherlock Holmes book   (Mrs Hudson, Irene Adler) the series still manages to excite everyone with the small twists and turns in the story. They show proof  of how Sherlock deduces something, how his "mind palace" works,the speed at which he converses and the manner in which he notices the quirks in each character's personality.Would we have noticed had we been there?

                                                By the way have you visited Sherlock's Science of Deduction or John Watson's blog . Well if you haven't go ahead right now.     
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                                       The only downside I can find for the whole series is that it only makes 3 episodes per season, making us wait for a long time, but I guess that's how they keep our interests piqued up. Having seen all of the Sherlock seasons, I can say for sure that....


joelle anne

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