Goodbye Nokia!

By Rohit Mathew Binu

goodbye  nokia

Nokia the mobile handset company which has engraved in its timeline a glorious history for the past thirty years is finally waving goodbye. Nokia handsets which had a lion’s share in the mobile market in the past decade had witnessed a declining trend in its popularity. Beaten by its competitors like Samsung and Apple and unable to cope with the Smartphone revolution , it was forced to hand over itself to Microsoft. Now that its acquisition is over Nokia will now be known as Microsoft Mobiles and services for Nokia’s existing handsets will be provided by Microsoft . It will also be gaining Nokia’s X , Asha and Lumia(Did you know Lumia actuallymeans hooker in Spanish ) series and thus attempting to own a share in the blooming smartphone industry.

The Microsoft Lumia series will be Microsoft’s first venture into the smartphone segment. Entry level smartphones like Nokia X and Asha which have a crucial role to be play in developing countries like India will be continued for the time being. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be keen to promote its entry level smartphones.

With this step Microsoft attempts to merge Nokia’s long history of good quality mobile headsets and  the software prowess of Microsoft to create a new line of Microsoft mobile headsets. But technicians estimate that for this to happen we must wait for at least one more year. And for the time being Microsoft will just be continuing Nokia’s current models. Microsoft has attained rights over Nokia’s patents and more than 25,000 employees of Nokia have become a part of the Microsoft family. Microsoft will also continue to provide all the services and even accept the warranties provided by Nokia. To sum it all, it means that the users will not even be slightly affected by this change of ownership.

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Rohit Mathew Binu

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