Is Koenigsegg Agera One : 1 the one to beat Bugatti Veyron ?

Four years earlier Bugatti took its Veyron Super Sport on a top-speed run to 267.8 mph(430.9 kmph ). Now  the Swedish supercar-maker Koenigsegg's latest creation the Agera One : 1 is attempting to beat the Veyron's speed record and its status as the emperor of all supercars. It is set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month
The Koenigsegg Agera One : 1 is named after its power to weight ratio One metric horsepower for every kilogram of weight which means that this sensational car weighing 1340 kg packs 1340 metric horsepower (1321 hp ) under its engine hood .  Whereas Bugatti Veyron Super Sport makes 1184 hp and it weighs around 1860 kg .
Sad news to rich car lovers: Only six such cars will be sold around the world.
All we can do now is admire the looks and see whether it lives up to its expectations.

Agera One : 1

Rohit Mathew Binu

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